What is the currency of UAE?

The local currency of UAE is AED (Arab Emirates Dirhams) that is also simply referred to as Dhs (Dirhams).

Where could I exchange foreign currency?

With a number of money exchange counters dotted across the malls, shopping centers and banks. It is not at all a tedious task to exchange currency in Dubai. Moreover, most banks and ATMs accept credit cards.

How about the weather condition in Dubai?

Due its location in Arabian Desert, Dubai is usually characterized by hot, humid climate for most part of the year. During summer months, the temperature can go up to 40 to 45 degree Celsius. Alternatively, the winter that runs from November to April is pleasant, refreshing, and salubrious as temperature drops down to 25 degree Celsius or even less, especially in December – January months.

Is it allowable to consume alcohol in Dubai?

Dubai’s law strictly forbids the intake of alcohol in public spaces and while driving. However, alcohol consumption is permitted in bars attached to hotels, clubs, restaurants, and private functions.

What is Dubai’s time zone?

The time zone of Dubai is GMT/UTC +4 hours.

Which are the major mobile phone providers in Dubai?

Du and Etisalat are the major telecommunication service provides in the UAE.

How to get around in Dubai?

Public transport means, managed by the RTA (Roads & Transport Authority), is perhaps the best way to move around in Dubai. These include public buses with inter-emirate services, taxis, and metro rail network comprising red and green lines.

What are the available modes of payment?

- You can pay by cash or card at our office counter.
- You may deposit the cash direct to our bank account or do online transfer to our bank account.
- You may also send the payment to us through any money exchange.

Is my card detail secure?

Since we utilize secure servers powered by sophisticated technology to encrypt your data, you can be assured of a safe financial transaction.

Does Excursion Point incur additional charge for making payment by credit card?

To cover the hefty bank charges that we expend to process your payment via credit card, Excursion Point charges a nominal surcharge.

Is it possible to make payment through bank transfer?

Yes. But you should bear all bank charges when you choose to make payment through this method. Also, you will have to inform us in advance that you wish to choose this payment method.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please refer to detailed payment policies for each service in the section of Payment Terms.

Am I entitled for refund if my tour gets cancelled as a result of force majeure?

If a trip is cancelled, missed or delayed due to force majeure or circumstances beyond our control, refund will be done at Excursion Point sole discretion. We will try to arrange available similar alternative of original trip value. However, it depends on its availability.

Can I get a refund on unused or partially unused services?

Excursion Point will not provide any refund in part or full for unused or partly unused services.

What are the procedures to cancel a reservation and request a refund?

Excursion Point requires the notification of your tour cancellation, regardless of its cause, to be in writing. An email would be enough. Make sure that you forward it prior to your tour date. But cancellation requests will be processed only during our office timing. Once we receive your cancellation request, we’ll inform you through e-mail, fax or telephone regarding the confirmation of the cancellation, along with the fee you need to pay.

How long will it take for the processing of refunds?

It normally takes up to three to four weeks for the processing of your refunds, depending on the service purchased.

Do you provide money back guarantee?

Based on the type of services purchased, we provide money back guarantee. But this is subject to terms and conditions.


Will I get refund if I get late for pick up and the driver leaves,?

No. In case of delay the driver will inform and then move on. In this case you will be charged no show charges and will not receive any refund.

Do I need to obtain a visa to enter Dubai as well as UAE?

Visa is mandatory for all non-UAE citizens to travel to UAE. Nevertheless, this is not applicable for citizens of the GCC nations, such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, and Oman.

My kid is 2 years old. Does he also require a visa to enter the UAE?

Yes, all infants and kids travelling with their parents will require a visa to enter the country.

What countries are eligible for visa on arrival in Dubai?

No prior arrangement for visa is required for nationals visiting to Dubai from certain European, North American, and Far East countries. These include Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, France, Germany, Iceland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Portugal, UK, and USA, among others. Since the list of visa-waiver countries is subject to change, be sure to inquire with your local embassy or airlines service provider to update yourself on the latest visa policies, before your visit to Dubai.

What are the different types of visas that I can apply for?

Different visa types are: 14 Days Visa, 30 Days Visa and 90 Days Visa.

What are the documents required to apply for visa?

For your electronic visa, you’ll have to submit passport-size colour photo, along with a scanned copy of your passport with minimum six months validity at the time of travel.

Before how many days of my intended visit to Dubai, I must apply for visa?

Though it will take only 4 to 6 working days for the processing of your visa, it is recommended to apply for visa in advance before booking an Airline Tickets. This will help for on-time processing of visa while assuring you of a hassle-free travel to UAE.

Can I book my ticket before applying for visa?

Yes, you can book your tickets to Dubai before applying or processing of visa, However it is recommended to apply for visa in advance before booking an Airline Tickets. This will help for on-time processing of visa while assuring you of a hassle-free travel to UAE.

How many days will it take for issuing a visa?

It will take about 4-6 working days.

Is visa fee refunded in case my application is rejected?

No, The visa fee is not refunded as the UAE immigration authority do not recompense for the rejected visa applications.

Can I reapply for visa? 

Yes, you can apply for visa again, provided you carefully meet qualifying norms.

What is the mode of receiving visa?

Once your visa is processed, it will be sent to your email.

What are the consequences of extended stay without the renewal of visa in UAE?

Besides facing legal actions and payment of hefty overstay penalty, you may not be able to apply for UAE visa in future.


Is Desert Safari for all?

Desert safari is one of the not to miss activities in Dubai. That said, it is advisable to consult a registered medical practitioner before opting for this pursuit, especially if you are pregnant or one with health issues such as stroke or cardiovascular ailment.

Is there any age limit for desert safari?

Regardless of age, desert safari can be enjoyed by all. However infants are strictly not advised for the Safari ride?

What is the capacity of your desert camp?

Our desert camp with spacious Majlis and Bedouin style seating can accommodate up to 1,000 guests.

Should I take any special precaution for enjoying dune bashing?

It is recommended to avoid eating heavy meal at least two hours before the desert safari, as it may sometimes result in vomiting and sickness during dune bashing.

Do I have a choice of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes?

We serve international cuisine with a choice of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies?

Is there any clothing etiquette that I have to follow for desert safari?

It will be good to wear loose cotton clothes during your desert safari trip, as it enables you to comfortably indulge in desert related activities. Likewise, carry your sunglasses and put on sandals instead of shoes.

What type of boat is it?

It’s a traditional Arabic wooden boat.

What is the capacity of your boat? 

The Dhow Cruise can accommodate up to 120 people.

I am vegetarian, is there veg food also available in Dhow Cruise Dubai?
Yes, dhow cruise Dubai provides the buffet has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options

What are the days of operation for the Dhow Dinner Cruise?
We offer Dhow Dinner Cruise daily including pubic holidays

What is the weather like on the Dhow Cruise?

It is pleasant on the Cruise. In case you would like to be seated on the upper deck, you may carry a jacket since it might get cold during the winters.

Can I book your Dhow Cruise for Corporate Events / Private Parties?

Yes definitely. In case you would like to do a booking for an Corporate Event / Private Party, you can get in touch with us at any point of time on +971-56-9577707


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